Who is the Oldest Russian Tortoise? 

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Do you have a passion for tortoises but don’t know which kind of tortoise to purchase as a pet?  Why not do a bit of research online or ask people who give professional advice about the most common turtle species kept as can pet.  This will provide you with an overture of their lifestyle patterns and behavior traits.  Most of all, you’ll not risk losing the life of your much-loved pets as you purchased them without first getting the knowledge needed to care for them properly.


The Russian tortoise is one of the most common as well as well-loved tortoise species kept as pets.  This kind of turtle is relatively small as opposed to others, with its adult females reaching only 8 to 10 inches in the length of their shells, and the adult makes growing from 6 to 8 inches in length.  The carapace of a Russian tortoise is marked with different colors of olive, tan as well as yellowish-green, and their plastron is covered with black and brown blotches.  The rear scutes on either side of the tail are enlarged and might even be serrated, more often in males than females.

A Russian tortoise is one of the smallest types of tortoises found in the wild and lives in the low mountain regions of Pakistan.  This hardy creature is able to handle an extensive array of temps.  It can survive on a steady diet of green leafy vegetables, hay, and pre-blended food exclusively made for tortoises.  Because of their capability to handle harsh weather, they are able to adjust to indoor areas and get used to the humidity as well.

The lifespan of Russian tortoises might reach up to 100 years, particularly when cared of.  Most other tortoises don’t live this long, whether in the wild or captivity.  The vast mainstream of these turtles is caught in the wild.  Therefore, it is vital to bring them to the vet right away after purchase so that they might be checked thoroughly for any parasites and illnesses they might be carrying and invisible to the naked eye.

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Oldest Russian Tortoise in the World

Tortoises have the longest lifespan of any reptiles or animals.  They have an average lifespan of fifty to 100 years.  These are kept as a household pet can survive for approximately 30 to 40 years or longer with the right care.  The tortoises included here were 100 years old.  However, some were almost 200 years when they passed away.  So, without further a due, here are the oldest Russian tortoises ever recorded.


Borris is a twenty-five years Old Russian tortoise living at this point and considered one of the oldest.  This Russian tortoise was donated in the year 1997 as he required more care than his owner could give at the time, and they liked him to go to a better home and sanctuary.  Like many other reptiles out there, Russian tortoises are specifically long-lived, and Russian tortoises can live and dwell more than fifty years old. 


Natasha was found roving around outside of Lawrenceville, and she was brought to the museum.  Natasha was adopted and resided in Earth Theater permanently.  She does not contribute to any programming because of her timid nature.  On the other hand, Natasha is available for everyone to see all year-round, has made many appearances in the official publications of the museum and on the social media pages of the museum as well. 

Her enclosure is situated in the foyer of Earth Theater.  Natasha has a collection of rocks to climb, a tennis ball to play and roll around, a log hire as well as a cuttlefish bone she is able to utilize to sharpen beak.  Natasha is accessible to everyone open during hours, and this cute tortoise loves it when new people stop to greet her. 

Most Common Causes of Death of Russian Tortoise

Below are some of the factors that can affect the lifespan of the tortoise. 

Improper Care

Prior to adopting Russian tortoises, it is essential to know how to take good care of them.  They require a proper diet, good enclosure as well as maintenance. 

Feeding a bad diet, keeping him outdoors in cold weather, or failing to clean the habitat for a long time can all result in illness and death. 

Stress is also a main cause of death for Russian tortoises; therefore, ensure he feels at home in his space by researching the care needs beforehand. 

Health Conditions

This kind of tortoise might experience some health conditions such as: 

Softshell: This could take place because of the nutritional deficiencies caused by diet, congenital disabilities, and lack of sunlight. 

Respiratory Infections: This is a common illness in wild tortoises; however, it can also take place in Russian tortoises. 

Prolapsed: This is when a tortoise strains trying to utilize the bathroom and push out his organ instead.  It happened due to improper diet as well as dehydration.  You have to bring your pet to the vet clinic right away if he is showing some signs of disease. 

Rate of Growth 

Russian tortoise rate of growth can differ greatly.  In fact, there are many aspects that go into the final size of this kind of tortoise, which takes account of the starting size and their daily diet.  A graph was recorded, which kept track of the tortoise and the growth rate.  They were a mere 14 ounces or four grams in weight when they hatched. 

Why do they Live Longer?

No one knows why this tortoise lives longer.  However, a slow metabolism and protective gear from enemies and predators play a vital role.  Due to slow metabolism, they can keep a healthy lifestyle for a long time. 

btw, if you are looking for the oldest tortoise on the planet that that is Jonathan


If you plan to get a pet for kids and little ones, the Russian tortoise is the best choice.  They can live for many years without too much care and maintenance.  However, proper care plays a big factor in keeping them healthy and alive. 


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George Hicks

Hey! I'm George Hicks I'm from Northridge and I always loved tortoises. I think it's such a beautiful and calm animal. I started this blog because I wanted to share everything I learned about them with you. Enjoy!

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Hey! I’m George Hicks I’m from Northridge and I always loved tortoises. I think it’s such a beautiful and calm animal. I started this blog because I wanted to share everything I learned about them with you. Enjoy!

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